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In modern training control, training is generally carried out according to different load intensities. In the past, the heart rate value was often used to determine the intensity when cycling. But with the spread of power meters (e.g. in the pedals) people are increasingly switching to power measurement. Therefore, conducting an FTP test (YouTube video) is the starting point of all training.

There are seven training areas in the watt measurement, which are based on personal FTP
(Functional Threshold Power – YouTube video) :

  • <=55%: Active regeneration/compensation
  • <=75%: Stamina
  • <=90%: Tempo
  • <=105%: lactate threshold
  • <=120%: VO²max
  • <=150%: Anaerobic capacity/peak area
  • > 150%: neuromuscular performance

The FTP is the maximum you can do over an hour. A requirement for determining the FTP is a power meter such as a power meter on the bike or in a roller trainer . Therefore, the icTrainer app has several training programs (FTP tests) to determine the FTP in a hard training session. You can find more information on the subject, for example, on our YouTube channel , on the website of Tour magazine or in the standard work Watt Measurement in Cycling and Triathlon by Hunter Allen and Dr. Andrew Cogan.

We also offer a performance test for advanced riders in our tool, especially for short periods of exertion, so that the intensities required in training are better oriented towards the personal strengths and weaknesses of the respective driver.

When measuring the pulse, based on the personal maximum heart rate, a distinction is made between the following areas:

  • <=60%: health zone/compensation
  • <=70%: fat burning/GA1
  • <=80%: aerobic zone/GA2
  • <=90%: anaerobic zone/EB
  • > 90%: Danger Zone, Red Line Zone (you should stay in this zone for a maximum of 30-60 seconds at a time)

Speed and distance do not play a role in performance-oriented training on the roller/exercise bike, but training units are defined with resistance (watts) and duration (time). For this reason, the main information in icTrainer is the watt information, which sometimes takes some getting used to for cyclists. And target watts are usually maintained in training programs as a percentage based on personal FTP (e.g. ride 10 minutes at 80% of your FTP). Trust us, a 45 minute HIIT session at the right time will get you a lot further than adding another 100km of junk miles to the annual stats.

But of course in icTrainer you can “just” ride routes (GPX tracks) and then see exactly what you have achieved and how fast you have been on the road.

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