Why are there two icTrainer apps for MacOS?

We recently released an enhanced version of the software for MacOS 11 (and newer) in the App Store:

Thenew version is optimized for MacOS 11.0 (and newer) with Apple ARM processors (M1, M2, M3, M4, …) and Intel processors. If you are using MacOS 11.0 (or newer), you should definitely upgrade to the new version.

And the oldversion is only useful for MacOS 10.x with Intel processors.

This change is for technical reasons, as we would like to continue to support customers with MacOS 10.x during training.

There are two things to consider for a smooth changeover:

1. first check in which directory you have saved your data (“Setup” -> “Directories”):

If there /Users/[Benutzername]/Public/icTrainer/” everything is fine, as the new version accesses the same directory.

If it says /Users/[Benutzername] /Library/Containers/ ... you should first change the existing files to “/Users/ /Public/icTrainer/” by clicking on “…” (top right) to “/Users/[Benutzername]/Public/icTrainer/” so that no data is lost.

As a user of MacOS 11.0 (and newer) you can now delete the old app and install the new app and all data will be found directly.

2. if you purchased the license in the old app, you should cancel the subscription in the Apple App Store and renew it again in the new app when the next renewal is displayed in the software (and only then).
Unfortunately, the new app does not automatically know that the renewal was paid in the old app, which causes us manual effort and costs to transfer the license.
The new license can of course also be used on all operating systems and processors (“Buy license” -> “Restore license”). It is therefore no problem to continue using the app on an old MacBook with an Intel processor and a new MacBook with an Apple processor.

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