icTrainer is the perfect software for all cyclists and triathletes. We offer you many functions for your perfect – and anything but boring – training:

  • Training app for Windows, iOS, MacOS and Android
  • Interactive training control (resistance) for roller trainers/exercise bikes
  • The information about optimal watt and/or heart rate ranges is always present in the field of vision
  • Two riders can train at the same time on one computer/tablet and control each other independently
  • In an online session, any number of riders can complete the same unit together (tutorial host / participant )
  • Preset training sessions for each level that make it easier for you to train effectively
    Training programs with video and/or music background, similar to what happens in gyms with spinning
  • The app can also be used for spinning units with a projector
  • Training programs can be easily adapted to your own needs/fitness level (both in terms of resistance and duration) and this is also possible during ongoing training – without having to interrupt it (frequent trainers will appreciate this)
  • Training programs are both motivating and demanding in order to achieve the optimal training effect
  • Creation of own training programs possible
  • By default, the target resistance is based on your personal fitness level/FTP value (Functional Threshold Power)
  • It is possible to carry out the FTP test to determine the personal FTP in the software
  • Evaluation of the completed training sessions, especially what was planned was trained
  • Drive your next competition or favorite route as a GPX route (Windows/MacOS: OpenStreetMaps, Android/iOS: Google Maps, also with route videos)
  • Train together with friends in an online session (tutorial host / participant )
  • Train on the PC and control your training via icTrainer-Remote on your smartphone ( tutorial )
  • All training programs can be carried out offline (ie also in the basement, …); the online connection is only required for downloading/uploading new training units
  • Training results can be automatically uploaded to Strava , TrainingPeaks , GarminConnect , Tredict or Today’s Plan for analysis
  • TrainingPeaks / Today`s Plan / Tredict training plans can be imported from the respective training calendar (and the appropriate music can also be automatically mixed in, Tutorial TrainingPeaks / Tutorial Today’s Plan / Tutorial Tredict )
  • price

    We offer you first-class software for controlling and evaluating your indoor training at a fraction of the usual cost. Just Train – No Game!

  • Offline

    After you have downloaded a training unit once, you can use it at any time without an internet connection. Ideal for the basement, garage, balcony, etc.

  • partner mode

    With one license, two users can train the same workouts in parallel. Ideal for eg couples or flat shares

  • Multi-hardware

    In addition to the usual indoor cycling trainers, we also offer you the option of connecting treadmills, rowing machines, kayak trainers, swimergometers or ski trainers

  • Multi software

    If you wish, we can transmit your data to the most well-known training platforms. are you missing one

  • music

    In addition to the possibility of listening to your own music or podcasts, we have a GEMA-free music library that plays the right music for your cadence

  • video streaming

    Our software has its own internet browser, with which you can use Netflix, Amazon, Youtube etc. at the same time

  • Real Routes

    Motivate yourself with videos of real routes or explore new places. Our collection will continue to grow with your help

  • GPX maps

    Use our preloaded tracks or upload your GPX file and train for a special competition

  • customer service

    Our company and our team are based in Germany and will be happy to help and advise you if you have any problems