As enthusiastic athletes, we are aware of how important a healthy nature is for us and our sport.
Against this background, we want to do our part to protect the climate in the best possible way.
Our goal is to offer our users Co²-neutral indoor training software.

Website & Servers

The operation of our websites and the development of the Indoor Training software is carried out exclusively on computers and in Data centers , which are operated with sustainable energy from renewable sources.

Software & Training

If you buy green electricity at home and use it to operate your computer/tablet and training device/roller trainer, then you are already exemplary. But since we don’t know your electricity contract, we compensate the Co² consumption of all our users:in. Even if you use a Tacx Neo reel without a power connection, for example. Better safe than sorry 😉

You want to know how we determine the Co² consumption?
(duration of use of our software x average wattage of approx. 200W, which is applied by the magnetic brake of your roller trainer) + (duration of use of our software x average power consumption of your laptop/monitor of approx. 100W) x average Co² emission per kWh in the German electricity mix = annual Co² consumption x Co² price per ton = annual compensation


Our flyers are made on FSC certified paper and are produced climate neutral

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