Our icTrainer software runs on a variety of operating systems.
A purchased license is valid in the App Store versions for the respective operating system and the App Store user and can therefore also be used on several of your end devices at no additional cost and is automatically updated when you change your computer/smartphone.
If you want to use two devices with different operating systems, please buy the first App Store license on your primary device and use the free REPEAT button in the “Buy License” dialog on the second device. Let’s start with the download…

PC (Microsoft / Windows):

Alternatively: Download the Windows Installer versions: 32-bit version / 64-bit version (note: payment only possible via PayPal)

MAC (Apple / MacOS):

Various smartphones (Google / Android):

Alternatively: Download the icTrainer APK file (32bit) or icTrainer APK file (64bit) , e.g. for installation on Huawei HarmonyOS tablets via the Total Commander app

iPhone/iPad (Apple/iOS):

Fire Tablet (Amazon / FireOS until the beginning of 2023):

Note: However, a license must be purchased on a second end device (Android, iOS or Windows). The activation on the Fire tablet is then carried out free of charge via the RESTORE button in the software.

A version has been prepared for Linux, but unfortunately this cannot yet be connected to the roller trainers via BluetoothLE.
Depending on the distribution, this operating system also lacks touch functionality.
Therefore we do not (yet) offer this download.

icTrainer remote control

With this you can remotely control your already downloaded and installed icTrainer software via smartphone ( view demo ).

If you are unsure or have any questions, you can also contact us directly …

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